Polymer Asia has over 22 years of experience in developing various types of masterbatches and compounds, to serve many plastic industries such as packaging, electrical, household, agricultural, construction, and many more.

Polymer Asia is one of the pioneers in Masterbatch and Compound production in Vietnam. We have continuously been upgrading our know-how & technology to supply our customers with the best quality and competitive Masterbatch and Compounds.

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Our products are exported to many countries in

Europe, US, and in Asia.

History & Timeline

Polymer Asia was founded in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Learn more about the history of Polymer Asia by viewing our corporate history and interactive timeline below.

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Successfully completed SamSung Improvement project.


Expansion with 2 more production lines and 1 advanced equipped line for R&D to support market development.


We open the 2nd part of our new plant in VSIP II.


The first part of this factory was launched as a Joint Venture with Sumitomo Chemical Japan.


Expansion with 4 more production lines to support market demand in 2012.


We opened a representative office in Spain to develop the European and US markets.


We opened a marketing office in Singapore to provide Technical and Marketing support to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China Markets.


We set up a marketing office in Bangkok, Thailand, to serve the high end and dynamic markets in Asia.


We have expanded with 4 more production lines, so as to increase capacity and develop our colour masterbatch business.


Polymer Asia was founded in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The first 2 production lines invested mainly in Additive.

Polymer Asia Selected Products

We produce Special Functional Masterbatch and high-tech engineering plastic compounds to various industries such as electricity, transportation, automotive, office devices, home appliances,…

  • Coupling Agent & Tie Layer

    Our PA-Bond Coupling Agent range is your best solution when you would like to combine incompatible materials such as engineering and LSZH compounds: PP, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PA6/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/PET, PE, EVA.. with Glass Fiber, Glass Bead, Carbon Fiber, Flame Retardant (ATH , MDH), Talc, Kaolin, Nano Clay and other mineral fillers, wood fiber, etc.
  • Impact Modifier

    PA-Bond Impact Modifiers are the best compatibilizers for applications based on PA6, PA 66, PBT, PET, POM,.. with glass fiber, glass bead, carbon fiber, talc, flame retardant, other minerals,... or only pure resin/plastic that requires high impact performance and high mechanical properties at normal and low working temperature conditions.
  • Engineering Compound

    Thanks to high-advanced lab testing equipments and our own experienced engineers, Polymer Asia has designed engineering plastic products with: Low thermal expansion coefficient, Electrically conductive, High stiffness, ...
  • Recycled Plastic Material

    The most dangerous impact of a plastic product on the environment is its inability to decompose under natural conditions so that it causes environmental pollution.
  • LSZH Compound

    Low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) or Halogen-free, flame retardant (HFFR) compound is the main material to produce safety cable which are typically polyolefin based with a heavy doping of inorganic hydrated minerals, give off cleaner smoke when burned ...
  • IS Masterbatch

    Applying breakthrough technology to disperse insecticide into polymer matrixes, our IS Masterbatch is the best choice for fruit wrap manufacturers. Benefits Of Fruit Bags With IS Masterbatch: Control migration speed of insecticide with long term UV protection. Especially, effect on thrips, mealybug, scale insect, aphids and red cotton bugs …
  • Color Masterbatch and Compound

    Polymer Asia offers full range of color for various types of plastic material. Our color Masterbatch and Compound are matched in high advance laboratory on various kinds of polymer: PE, PP, ...
  • UV Masterbatch

    Polymer Asia offers a wide range of UV Masterbatch which help maintain mechanical properties & prolong shelf-life of plastic for outdoor use ...
  • Functional Additive Masterbatch

    Antioxidant Masterbatch, Antifogging Masterbatch, Antiblock Masterbatch, Antistatic Masterbatch, Slip agent, Optical Brightener Masterbatch, Clarifying Masterbatch, Processing Aid Masterbatch, ...
  • WPC Additive

    Polymer Asia has successfully developed an Intelligent additive solution to produce WPC process easier and more efficient manufacturing operation ...
  • Light Diffusion and Thermally Conductive Compound

    Polymer Asia designed new generation compound to apply to light applications: They are Light Diffusion and Thermally Conductive Compound ...
  • Filler and White Masterbatch

    Polymer Asia Filler and White Masterbatch is made to contain 60-80% minerals based on thermoplastic resin such as PE, PP, ABS, PET, HIPS, etc ...
How does the world know about Polymer Asia?

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  • Plastics Recycling World, May/June 2021

    Polymer Asia Technology has developed two new coupling agents to support the recycling of PET. They are said to enable rPET to be used in applications in areas such as consumer electronics and appliances where, for example, virgin PBT might be used. These grades, PA-Bond 821 and PA-Bond 948G within the company’s well-estab- lished PA-Bond series, use a new mechanism which it calls “Dual-Active.”

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  • Compounding World, August 2019

    The company offers its PA-Bond line of maleic anhydride-based coupling agents, produced by Polymer Asia in Vietnam, for such applications. The additives reduce water absorption and improve flexural, impact, and/or tensile values in WPC, says Stuecke. Mitsui also offers stabiliser additive packages for WPC.

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  • Compounding World Congress Cologne / 2019

    Achieving acceptable performance from inherently incompatible polymers can be quite a challenge but compatibilisers can provide a solution. Polymer Asia, based in Vietnam, which has partnered with Mitsui for global sales and marketing and technical support. Matthias Stücke, Deputy General Manager in the 2nd Performance Chemicals Division at Mitsui & Co Deutschland, says it is having notable success with a recently-introduced PA-Bond series of coupling agents that have extremely low VOC and FOG values.

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